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Special School
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Special School

The Association currently operates 3 special schools which provide primary and senior secondary quality education to about 350 children with physical disabilities. The schools focus on nuturing their moral, intellectual, physical, social and aesthetic development. All three schools provide both mainstream and adapted curricula, so that under the same curricula structure, corresponding courses can be designed for students with different needs. From academic year 2009/10, the school will offer senior secondary programmes for students to continue higher education studies and to sit for public examination.

The school curriculum is designed based on Conductive Education principles, and with the collaboration among the professional trans-disciplinary team which include teachers, physio/occupational/ speech therapists, social workers, educational psychologist and nurses, emphasizes will be made on the special educational and abilities of the student. They will formulate individual educational plan which focus on cognitive, physical ability and personality development. When designing the training plan, we utilize daily routine, a natural and practical way for implementation. A curriculum that integrates academic, arts, practical subjects and therapy helps students to develop their potentials and achieve holistic growth.

The schools have all along actively develop the potentials of the students. Different activities and designs were made based on their needs and abilities, so as to enhance social integration e.g. adapted Taekwondo, dancing, adventure ship, student reporter and volunteer training etc., to inspire students’ potential in non-academic aspects and build up their confidence.

Besides standard facilities such as classrooms, special rooms and libraries, the schools are equipped with speech/ occupation/ physio- therapy rooms, life skill training rooms, sensory integration rooms, elevators and widened ramps etc. to motivate students’ self-mobility and learning incentives. One school is also attached with hostel providing residential service to students.

The schools strongly support professional exchange with others in the professional field by organizing workshops. At the same time, staff are encouraged to keep a close relationship and good communication with the parents. Through attending international conferences, staff can exchange the experience and expertise with those from both overseas and Mainland China. All these will help to instill in the schools a conducive environment to elicit and cultivate potentials.

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