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Recent News

2024-03-21 Hair Stylists Provided Free Haircuts for the Residents of Jockey Club Elaine Field School
2024-03-15 Hong Kong Joy enjoy the food with the residents of Jockey Club Elaine Field School
2024-03-13 The First NGO Developed System to Monitor Changes in Sensory Input and Arousal Levels to Increase Treatment Effects
2024-03-08 Encourages caregivers from 'Newsletter of SAHK' vol.27
2024-03-06 Parents Resource Hub short video series – 'To the Future Me'
2024-03-04 Parents Resource Hub short video series – 'Please Appreciate Yourself'
2024-03-01 Parents Resource Hub short video series – 'Care the Emotion of the Carers'
2024-02-26 SAHK 60th Anniversary Celebration — mµse casa
2024-02-16 SAHK 60th Anniversary Celebration — Characteristics of Exoskeleton
2024-02-11 RTHK programme interviewed Jockey Club C · Care Programme – SAHK Carers Support Service user (Chinese only)
2024-02-07 SAHK 60th Anniversary Celebration — The Relationship between Innovative Technology and Rehabilitation Training
2024-02-06 引導式教育通訊第二十四期 (Information in Chinese only)
2024-01-31 Short video produced by the Association to show the talents of SEN students
2024-01-30 SAHK 60th Anniversary Celebration — The study environment of students with rare diseases
2024-01-27 Charity Walk 2024 Successfully Held, Thousand People Participated
2024-01-27 The Association’s Psychologist analyse the love life of persons with High Functioning Autism Spectrum Disorder (HFA) in RTHK TV programme ‘Inclusive HK’ (Chinese only)
2024-01-24 Secretary for Labour and Welfare visited Siu Lam Greenery Villa Praise the Association’s service
2024-01-22 SAHK 60th Anniversary Celebration — Strategies for Selecting Special Schools and Mainstream Schools
2024-01-20 New collaboration between SAHK x HASS Lab for showing the art talents of our users
2024-01-19 Induction Visit to Improve Effectiveness

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