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Recent News

2022-06-24 The Association Occupational Therapist interviewed by RTHK 32 to share the tips on home sensory integration training (Chinese ONLY)
2022-06-22 Jockey Club Mobile Rehabilitation Seating Service Outreach Vehicle visited Tai Wai
2022-06-22 SAHK Jockey Club Elaine Field School students won the Tai Po Outstanding Service Citizen Award (Special Education Group)
2022-06-20 Twenty years of arduous training usher in the development of technology, the story of father and son showcased that the persistence can bring hope (Chinese only)
2022-06-16 COVID-19 Emergency Response by AIA Foundation Distributing $1,000 supermarket and dining vouchers
2022-05-15 The Association’s Ecological Cognitive Rehabilitation Pilot Scheme won the award of 卓越社會服務獎 (Chinese only) from 2021 Best Practice Awards in Social Welfare.
2022-05-14 COVID-19 Emergency Response by AIA Foundation - Result Announcement
2022-05-10 Say love you with mouths
2022-05-06 The Association’s Occupational Therapist was interviewed by Ming Pao to explore the importance of the sensory integration in the early childhood development (Chinese only)
2022-05-05 The Association’s Woche Hostel Superintendent was interviewed by News Magazine, a TVB news programme, to share the experience on fighting against epidemic (Chinese only)
2022-04-27 4 minutes social story video to know the rapid antigen testing
2022-04-26 Over 100 graduates attended the Association's recruitment seminar
2022-04-24 The user of LOHAS Garden won the competition again
2022-04-22 Ohpama interviewed with Association’s occupational therapist sharing the tips of home training for children (Chinese Only)
2022-04-20 Easy Dial Application - Expressing Thoughts by Technology (Chinese Only)
2022-04-17 Train up Children’s body stability by imitating the animal’s action
2022-04-10 The episodes 7 and 8 of "家居訓練錦囊(Chinese only)" were released
2022-04-07 Social story: What is community testing
2022-04-03 The episodes 5 and 6 of
2022-04-03 高能力自閉症工作實習分享

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