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Recent News

2021-12-18 Enjoying christmas party with Ms purple Lee
2021-12-18 Playing in the “Christmas Reverse Forest Party” creating wonderful Christmas memories
2021-12-11 SEN children enjoyed Christmas lighting with MTR volunteer team
2021-12-10 SEN Children making Christmas-themed cupcakes with their parents
2021-11-29 TV programme “Wish” from Cable TV interviewed with Mr. LIANG Bin, Manager of the Association's Jockey Club Rehabilitation Seating Service Centre
2021-11-23 Students from Association’s Jockey Club Elaine Field School participated in the “Hong Kong Enharmonica 2021 (共融慈善音樂會) ” and received donation support
2021-11-22 Videos of SAHK Ambassadors were launched
2021-11-21 Interview with Association’s brass band teacher and students about their performance and achievements
2021-11-13 Thanks to Tsz Shan Monastery for inviting Association’s service users to watch the Universe in a Flower Concert
2021-11-10 Congratulations to user of Woche Workshop for winningthe award from an International Art Exhibition
2021-11-07 The Association organised "Zero to Hero" Charity Film Show Ms Sandra NG attended the show and interacted with parents
2021-10-31 Director of Social Welfare and the Association Council Members visited On Tai Pre-school Centre and On Tai Training and Hostel!
2021-10-29 Please Support SAHK Flag Day 2022 (Hong Kong Island Region) Volunteer Recruitment!
2021-10-28 The Association’s Occupational Therapists shared the ways to assist the person with ADHD in adapting their life at the online seminars.
2021-10-23 Visit OIKOS farmhouse to experience blue dying
2021-10-22 The Association Annual General Meeting 2020/21 successfully held
2021-10-17 Watching ‘Zero to Hero’ to inspire service users to move forwards!
2021-10-16 Volunteers from the Inland Revenue Department and Association’s users participated in a farm birthday party to experience organic farming and cooking
2021-10-11 Easy Dial app advanced version was launched!
2021-10-07 Children Ink Painting Class

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