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Recent News

2021-03-15 Home-based Training for Stroke - hip and knee joints exercises (Advanced level)
2021-03-08 The first preschool and adult rehabilitation services in one place - Sensory Integration Training and Professional Development Centre
2021-03-05 The Association’s JC A-Connect (Family Support) showed support to parents with ASD children
2021-03-01 耀能好書特惠雙週2021 (1/3-12/3) (Chinese only)
2021-02-24 Introduction of the Association’s Children and Family Support Services
2021-02-22 SAHK Charity Raffle 2021” is now on sale
2021-02-18 SAHK x Heungyau Issue --『童』行歲月Whatsapp Stickers
2021-02-16 港台電視31「醫生與你」介紹協會坐姿平衡訓練儀 改善中風患者坐姿步姿 (Chinese only)
2021-02-05 引導式教育通訊第二十期出版了! (chinese only)
2021-02-01 第21期耀能通訊出版了!(Chinese only)
2021-02-01 The Service users exhibited paintings at the Community Art Galleries of Sha Tin Wai MTR station
2021-01-29 The Association’s Jockey Club Elaine Field School’s student dream comes true
2021-01-26 港台電視31「醫生與你」介紹協會外骨骼機械腳 助服務使用者重新走路 (Chinese only)
2021-01-20 Acknowledgement to Ku Kui Kei Medical Foundation for donating anti-epidemic materials
2021-01-15 Towngas x SAHK “Love Sports, Be Health” - Inclusive Floor Curling Training Classes
2021-01-14 Uniqlo Hong Kong sponsoring the Association’s service users to purchase new clothing at its stores
2020-12-30 協會物理治療師於晴報分享長者冬日居家運動 (Chinese only)
2020-12-28 Jockey Club Elaine Field School of the Association bring warmth to the needy
2020-12-23 傳媒報道–協會物理治療師接受晴報訪問 (Chinese only)
2020-12-18 Junior Chamber International donated Christmas gift bags to the Association

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