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Legacy Donation

Legacy Donation is to leave your love in Wills or Insurance Policies to support SAHK (the Association) to provide a wide range of rehabilitation services for persons with disabilities in order to realise their full potential, enhance their independency, and assist them to integrate into the society.

1. Ways of Making Legacy Donation

1a. Residual Legacy

Donate all or part of the remaining or residue of your estate after taxes, expenses and debts have been paid.

1b. Pecuniary Legacy

Donate a specific amount of cash at the time of you write or change the Will to the Association.

1c. Specific Legacy

Donate a specific assets, such as stocks, shares or property to the Association.

2. Life Insurance Legacy

Donate all or part of the life insurance to the Association. If you would like to name "SAHK” as the beneficiary of your life insurance, please contact your insurance broker or intermediaries for assistance. The useful information is as below for your kind reference:

Name of Organisation: SAHK

Address: 17/F, 21 Pak Fuk Road, North Point, Hong Kong

IR File Number: 91 / 528

Company Registry Number: 47000

Telephone: 2527 8978

Fax: 2866 3727


Download the Legacy Giving Notification Form

Should you need further assistance, please feel free to contact our Corporate Communication Department at 2527 8978 or email:

For more details, please go to Life Underwriters Association Foundation Company Limited’s Policy Donation web page:

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