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Special School

B M Kotewall Memorial School

The School was established in 1974. It was formerly known as Ting Hsiung Chao School and was situated at Kwai Fong Estate. In 1999 the Kwai Fong Estate underwent re-development, and the School was moved to the new premises in 1992, and re-named as SAHK B M Kotewall Memorial School.

The whole School has an enrolment capacity of 140 places for primary school-aged to secondary school-aged children with physical handicap. The students’ grouping are based on their age, level of intelligence and individual needs. The curriculum consist of mainstream, adapted and integrated ones Under the same curriculum framework, it will cover all 8 key learning areas which will systematically integrate other learning experience with rehabilitation. It emphasizes the development of 9 generic skills through the implementation of 4 key tasks.

The School carries out the objectives of the Association by systematically integrate education with therapy based on the holistic approach. Using the trans-disciplinary approach to implement the Conductive Education, so as to elicit the self learning motives of the student in order for them to grow on all aspects. In 2007, the School implemented the principles of Invitational Education, and purposely organize activities and environment so as to optimize the potentials of the students. The School won the Inviting School Award by an international institute.

In order that students can put knowledge into practice, they are encouraged to integrate into the society. Besides liaising with different organizations, the School will also arrange multi-facet activities, community participation. The School divides the students into 4 social groups where the students will act as the executive to organize activities on their own. This is enhance their coordination, problem-solving and leadership skills. With the implementation of senior high school curriculum, the School systematically organize career and life planning course for senior high students so that they can know their abilities and interest, plan their future job, their further education, rehabilitation and extra-curricular activities.

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