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Public Courses

Courses No. Courses Date Courses Title
AE-23B-08 16 Mar, 2024 Sharing on the Use of Pilate’s Principles in Motor Rehabilitation Workshop 3 of a 3-Workshop Series
AE-23B-07 2 Mar, 2024 Neuro-Facilitation Technique on Patients with Stroke Workshop 2 of a 3-Workshop Series
AE-23B-06 24 Feb, 2024 Assessment and Clinical Reasoning in Stroke Rehabilitation Workshop 1 of a 3-Workshop Series
CA-23B-09 21,23,28 Feb, 1,6,9,13 Mar 2024 (Full) 專注力不足 過度活躍症 (ADHD) 學童的需要及支援證書課程
CA-23B-06 1-3 Feb [FULL] 3-day Introduction to PROMPT: Technique Workshop (已結束)
AE-23B-01 15-19 Jan; 22-26 Jan 2024 & 18-22 Mar 2024 ***Course Full***15-Day Basic Course on The Assessment and Treatment of Adults with Neurological Conditions -The Bobath Concept
CA-23B-08 13 Jan 2024(Sat) 「伴ADHD學童成長系列」新書發佈會 (已結束)
CA-23B-07 6 Jan 2024(Sat) 兒童語音障礙教師培訓工作坊 (Chinese only) (已結束)
CA-23B-04 16 Dec 2023(Sat) 如何促進自閉症譜系障礙兒童的社交溝通發展 ─ 訓練策略實務工作坊 (已結束)
AE-23B-02 4 Dec 2023(Mon) ICF-based Selection and Evaluation of Assistive Technology (AT) Products and Services (已結束)
CA-23B-03 27 Oct 2023(Fri) 《「自」正康圓》正向心理學貼紙教材分享會 (已結束)
IRP-20231014 14 Oct 2023(Sat) 「發音王國大冒險」兒童語音障礙訓練教材發佈會 (已結束)
AE-23A-09 22 Sep 2023(Wed) ***已滿***輪椅基本維修技巧工作坊 (已結束)
IRP-20230916 16 Sep 2023(Sat) ***已滿***學前康復服務新里程:「到校學前康復服務」校本綜合支援模式分享會 (已結束)
AE-23A-08 01 Sep 2023(Fri) ***Course Full***1-Day Seating and Positioning Workshop (已結束)
CA-23A-03 26 Aug & 2,9,16,23 Sep 2023 (Sat) ***Course Full***15-hr Online Parent Group Leader Training (已結束)
AE-23A-04 24 Aug 2023(Fri) 輪椅基本維修技巧工作坊(已滿) (已結束)
CA-23A-02 7 & 8 Jul 2023 (Fri & Sat) ***Course Full***2-day Workshop on“Beckman Oral Motor Assessment & Intervention” (已結束)
IRP-20230418 09 Jun 2023(Fri) 耀躍同路入讀特殊學校網上簡介會 (已結束)
AE-23A-02 31 May 2023(Wed) 輪椅基本維修技巧工作坊(已滿) (已結束)

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