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Jockey Club Elaine Field School

The School was established in 1973 for children with physical handicap and was formerly known as the Sau Mau Ping Training Centre. In 1979, it was formally registered as ElaineFieldSchool. In 1999 through the financial support from The Hong Kong Jockey Club Charities Trust, a new school building, facilities and equipment was set up in the existing premises in Tai Po and was re-named as The Spastics Association of Hong Kong Jockey Club Elaine Field School. In April 2008, following the renaming of the school sponsoring body, it was again renamed as SAHK Jockey Club Elaine Field School.

In 2010, the School obtained funding allocation from both the Education Bureau and The Hong Kong Jockey Club Charities Trust, it was able to expand and build a new 2-storey high school premises that covers about 90,000 sq. feet. The school enrolment capacity is now 180 with 60 residential places for both children with physical or multiple handicap, offering free primary to secondary school education places. The design of the School has 3 themes in order to reach the objective of "Learning without barrier - a 21st century inclusive and holistic oriented school

Barrier-free learninig: Based on the principle of tailor-made curriculum to suit the needs of individual student, the School uses the Conductive Education approach to integrate the different educational lessons, therapeutic training and daily living programmes. Both the mainstream and adapted curriculum (from primary to senior high school) focus on the balanced development of moral, intellectual, physical, social and aesthetic aspects. Much effort is made in achieving a barrier-free campus, through the re-arrangement of classes, teaching strategies, assessment tools, so as to assist the students to overcome the barriers in order to learn the basic knowledge and skills in all areas of learning. Different equipment and means such as tablet computer, notebook, distance learning classroom system are utilized so that student can experience the joy of barrier-free learning.

Independent living: The School integrate learning and rehabilitation elements into classroom, daily living, home living, boarding and community living, e.g. living skills training, rehabilitation etc. In addition concern on the whole person development of the student is shown through different subject learning, extra curricula and integrated activities, work experience, civic education etc. All these assist the students to enhance their problem solving skills, independent living skills, decision making skills so they can actively participate in the daily living and ultimately equip them better for the future.

Elicit Inner Potentials :The School provide different kinds of activities for students with different abilities and needs such as brass band, violin learning, fencing, Special Taekwondo, Polymer clay, painting, cooking, boy scout, drama etc. Effort is also made in developing their multiple intelligence through different installation e.g. Sensory Garden, kinesthetic playground, rock climbing, automatic smart home system, TV & radio station, organic gardening, so that students can each develop their specialties and nuture their inner potentials.

Barrier-free learning: To assist students to learn simultaneously through the use of information and communication technology when they are home bound while receiving treatment, so that they still learn without attending class.

Independent Living :Through the matching of the daily living schedule with the installation of environment control system, the boarders can learn to live independently.

Elicit Inner Potentials: Hong Kong Jockey Club Charities Trust donated grant to build theand SensoryGarden so as to create a diversified and systematic activity to nuture the potentials of the students

TV & radio station:To share with the students from St. Paul’s

The Hong Kong Jockey Club Charities Trsut sponsored a golfing

Quality Education Fund Talent Development Concert

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