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Media Coverage

2022-12-11 Painting x Saori Interview of Mr. KWOK Kai Yip and Ms CHAN Pui Kwan, our trainees of Woche Workshop of the Association, to showcase their talent (Chinese Only)
2022-10-24 Make good use of Augmentative and Alternative Communication to break down communication barriers
2022-10-21 Take Care of Your Loved Ones, Take Care of Yourself First (Chinese Only)
2022-10-08 The Association’s student Tse Chi Man was interviewed by RTHK programme 「四通八達」about his award winning painting (Chinese Only)
2022-09-09 協會照顧者及一級治療師接受港台節目《做個健康快活人》訪問,介紹如何改善痛症 (Chinese only)
2022-08-28 The dragon boat team under Shek Wai Kok Parents Resource Centre was interviewed by RTHK5 to share their views and challenge for joining the competition of Dragon Boat. (Chinese only)
2022-08-26 HiEggo’s Inclusive Workplace Video was uploaded on YouTube
2022-07-26 Ms Angel W. Y. Fan, Deputy Head of the Children and Family Support Service of the Association, was interviewed by RTHK’s Programme 《精靈一點》 (Chinese Only)
2022-06-24 The Association Occupational Therapist interviewed by RTHK 32 to share the tips on home sensory integration training (Chinese ONLY)
2022-06-20 Twenty years of arduous training usher in the development of technology, the story of father and son showcased that the persistence can bring hope (Chinese only)
2022-05-31 SAHK B M Kotewall Memorial School Student Overcome Illness and Complete the Dream of Taking DSE (Chinese Only)
2022-05-06 The Association’s Occupational Therapist was interviewed by Ming Pao to explore the importance of the sensory integration in the early childhood development (Chinese only)
2022-05-05 The Association’s Woche Hostel Superintendent was interviewed by News Magazine, a TVB news programme, to share the experience on fighting against epidemic (Chinese only)
2022-04-22 Ohpama interviewed with Association’s occupational therapist sharing the tips of home training for children (Chinese Only)
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