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Media Coverage

2023-07-30 The Association’s LOHAS Garden shared pre-employment training experience in a RTHK programme (Chinese only)
2023-07-22 The Association’s Jockey Club Elaine Field School Alumni’s Interviewed by “Inclusive Hong Kong” Programme of RTHK (Chinese only)
2023-07-08 Optimistic student shares their personal sport dreams without fear of physical barrier (Chinese only)
2023-07-02 SAHK Jockey Club Elaine Field School’s DSE candidate publishes a book of poems and aspires to be a scholar through his passion for poems (Chinese only)
2023-06-15 Life navigators share their experience Determined mothers accompany their SEN children (Chinese only)
2023-05-27 mµse casa Online Platform Kick-off Ceremony held successfully Special guest Shiga Lin paid a visit to support
2023-05-12 The Association’s “Professional Support Service to Parents" user interviewed by TOPick (Chinese Only)
2023-04-01 The Association’s Chairperson as Supervising Guest of Mark Six Lottery
2023-04-01 Expert from the Association attended RTHK TV program to analyse the experience of Autism Spectrum Disorder, (ASD) people
2023-03-02 60th Anniversary Kick-off Ceremony
2023-02-23 The Association and CUHK conducted a study together to investigate what challenges college students with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) facing in school
2023-02-16 Jockey Club B. Care Programme – SAHK Carers Suport Service’s Carer to share her experience on RTHK “Healthpedia” Programme】(Chinese Only)
2023-02-11 Woche Workshop’s user was interviewed by Cable TV “Wish” Programme (Chinese Only)
2023-01-14 Children eating behaviour survey and TASTER programme news briefing
2023-01-06 港台節目分享 啟發潛能教育要義(Chinese only)
2022-12-11 Painting x Saori Interview of Mr. KWOK Kai Yip and Ms CHAN Pui Kwan, our trainees of Woche Workshop of the Association, to showcase their talent (Chinese Only)
2022-11-22 Jockey Club Elaine Field School Brass Band interviewed by RTHK (Chinese only)
2022-10-24 Make good use of Augmentative and Alternative Communication to break down communication barriers
2022-10-21 Take Care of Your Loved Ones, Take Care of Yourself First (Chinese Only)
2022-10-08 The Association’s student Tse Chi Man was interviewed by RTHK programme 「四通八達」about his award winning painting (Chinese Only)
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