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Special School

Ko Fook Iu Memorial School

The School was established in 1967 and was formerly known as Mt. Parish School, situated on Hong KongIsland. In 1979, it was moved the present premises at Woche Estate in Shatin, and renamed as Ko Fook Iu Memorial School. It is subsidized by the Government and has an enrolment capacity of 100.

The School carries out the mission and objectives of the Association, and integrate the principles of whole-person education with Conductive Education to provide quality education and rehabilitation service to students with physical and multiple handicap.

The framework of the curriculum is based on the learning stages and intelligence level of the students to provide both a mainstream and adapted primary to senior high school education to them.. The curriculum, which is student-centred, emphasizes on the cognitive and self management of the student. Through the trans-disciplinary professional team approach to implement a diversified learning model, the 9 generic skills of the students will be further developed, their self image and self growth will be enhanced, they can integrate and be a contributing member of the society.

In order to enlarge the learning experience and provide challenges to the students, the School not only organizes thematic learning activities, it also encourage students to participate in different local competitions as well e.g. Asian Para Games, Hong Kong Schools Music Festival, Hong Kong Schools Speech Festival, Athletic Meet of the Hong Kong Sports Association for the Physically Disabled, Boccia competition, fencing competition, Digital Photo-taking competition, essay competition, booth design competition, storytelling competition etc. At the same time, in order to achieve the goal of each student having at least one interest in art or physical activity, many agencies are invited to provide professional training in these areas e.g. running, fencing, boccia, martial art, African drums, percussion, dance etc. This will allow all students who have difference abilities to experience the fun in art or physical activity, and nuture their intrinsic qualities.

Hong Kong Electric Company donated a sum of HK$100,000. to orgnaise the program

Students perform during Christmas Eve at the Empire Hotel

The students were awarded the 2nd runner up in the special school category and Favourite Finalist Team in an integ

To match with the thematic learning, student will go to post office to mail letters

Students learn to be civic-minded member of the society by helping to sell flags.

Students learn horse riding to strengthen their physical body.

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