Community Support Service

Community Support Service

Supportive Programme for Adults with High Functioning ASD

Telephone number:2336 0132
Fax number:2662 2711
Address:121-123, G/F., Man Wo House,Wo Che Estate, Shatin, N.T.

In 2009, with the support from The Community Chest, the Association started an all-rounded "Supportive Programme for Adults with High Functioning ASD”. The Programme was organized by experienced clinical psychologist, together with occupational therapist, speech therapist and social worker to form the professional team. It also liaised with tertiary institute, corporates to provide supportive service to these adults, their parents, the work place or educational settings.

The objective included to enhance their interpersonal communication skills, adaptations skills to different social situations, assist them in their further studies and social integration. At the same time it will help these adults and their family members to establish supportive network, increase the knowledge and acceptance from the education institutes and corporate companies.

Target Clientele

Service Content

Adults with High Functioning Autism Spectrum(HFA)- adults with Autism Spectrum or Asperger with normal IQ or above

  • Assessment and Therapy

-To provide initial intake, assessment on autism spectrum, IQ and psychological areas

-To devise individual tailor made service plan


  • Assessment and training on sensory integration
  • Professional Counselling service
  • Diploma on Inter personal and social communication

-The course will focus on the socialization scenarios and social skills that students or those in work force will need

  • In-service training and exposures in work environment

-To assist in exploring the goal, job selection, on-the-job supervisory support so that they can develop their inner potentials and earn work experience

  • Exposure to adaptation to tertiary institute
  • Social and recreation activities
  • Support group for students in tertiary institutes or in work force
  • Support platform on web through


Parents/ Family members

  • Support group for parents/ Family Members

-To establish social support network and share their experience

  • Training for parents/family members

-To know and understand more and assist in utilizing effective counseling methods

Tertiary Institutes/NGOs/Corporates

  • To promote the understanding and acceptance of HFA and encourage the provision of work experience and employment opportunties
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