Community Support Service

Community Support Service

Project A-PLUS (Support Service for students with Autism Spectrum Disorder)

Since September 2011, the Association has successfully launched "Project A-PLUS” under the "whole-school approach” and provided support for students with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), the service was highly praised by schools and teachers. Through the collaboration between the Association’s professional team and schools, service plans are tailor-made according to different needs of the secondary and primary schools, including "Individualised Education Program” (IEP), individual and group trainings for students with ASD; promoting peer support and establishing inclusive culture; and consultations and trainings for teachers and parents, so as to increase the effectiveness of the school-based support services.

Target Clientele

  • Ordinary secondary and primary schools in Hong Kong which have students with ASD
  • Students who are suspected or diagnosed with ASD and their parents, teachers and other students

Project Goal

  • Facilitating the growth of ASD students and their adaption to school life
  • Increasing the practical skills and confidence of teaching staff in supporting students with ASD
  • Fostering Home-School cooperation to increase the effectiveness of supporting students with ASD
  • Assisting schools to promote caring and inclusive culture on campus

Specialist team

Consists of educational/clinical psychologist, experienced occupational therapist, experienced speech therapist and social worker

Scope of Service

Support Targets Service Content
Students with ASD
  • Providing individual training
  • Providing group training
  • Designing and launching "Individualised Education Program” (IEP)
  • Organising inclusive talks, groups and class-based activities
  • Schools
  • Assisting in early identification of students with ASD
  • Providing professional training
  • Providing consultation service
  • Providing co-teaching, group guidance and demonstration
  • Providing training materials
  • Parents
  • Organising parents talks, training workshops and supporting groups
  • Providing consultation service for parents
  • Service Fee

    Charges according to the individualised plan based on different needs of schools


    Should the schools interested in joining the project, please feel free to contact the project social worker for further information and arrangement. Schools may also submit the application form by email, fax or mail.

    Address:SAHK Child Development Centre (Lok Fu), 9-17, G/F, Wang Chiu House, Wang Tau Hom Estate, Kowloon, Hong Kong

    Service leaflet and Application Form (Information in Chinese only)

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