Community Support Service

Community Support Service

Rehabilitation Seating Serivce

The Jockey Club Rehabilitation Seating Service is composed of 2 services 1) adaptive seating; and 2) wheelchair and mobility aids repair service. Our objective is to provide a non-profit making one-stop service to those in need.

Since 1986, our Association has been providing repair service to wheelchairs and various mobility aids. In 1991 the Hong Kong Jockey Club Charities Trust supported the recurrent expenses. In 1998, the Association pioneered the adaptive seating service. In 1999, due to the huge demand from the community for adaptive seating, The Hong Kong Jockey Club Charities Trust supported the Association to set up the Jockey Club Rehabilitation Seating Service Centre and supported its recurrent costs. In 2008, in order to enhance the service quality and cost effectiveness, the Association combined the 2 services into " The Hong Kong Jockey Club Community Project Grant : Comprehensive Rehabilitation Seating Service” to provide a one-stop service to better serve those in need.

I) Adaptive Seating Service

Scope of Service

In order to deal with different body shapes and deformities, we fabricate customized, adjustable Adaptive Seating System to meet the special needs of individuals. Each System consists of 2 major components : the mobility bas and the mould cushions & accessories, Each accessory such as pelvic stabilizer, back support, lateral trunk support, headrest, lap tray, footrest, and all kinds of positioning straps, allows minor adjustment for the comfort, change of clothing and physical changes of the clients.

Characteristics of Adaptive Seating System

  • It is custom made to meet special needs
  • It facilitates good sitting posture
  • It helps to prevent and correct deformities
  • It distributes pressure evenly, release pressure point(s) and lessens nursing demand on pressure sores
  • It mitigates some abnormal reflexes e.g. extensor thrust
  • It helps to prevent and reduce back pain
  • It is easily dis-assembled and assembled, making conveyance easier;
  • It is water repellent, durable, smooth and easy to clean
  • It is more comfortable and safer to use when compares with ordinary chairs and wheelchairs
  • It facilities feeding, changing of clothes and mobility, thus decreasing the workload for the carer

Target Clientele

Clients with tendency to develop physical deformity, contracture or constant sitting position, long term use of wheelchair, cannot sit securely, cannot maintain a good sitting posture, prone to develop back pain, development of pressure point due to long term sitting position which resulted in skin lesions and bed sores, disabled persons and elderly person.


  • Make telephone appointment for assessment at the Centre and confirm the fee cost.
  • Re-assessment at the Centre for adjustment when the fabrication is half way completed.
  • When the seating is completed, the client can decide to pick it up from the Centre or deliver to the home with transportation fee being charged.

II) Wheelchair and Walking Aids Repair Service

Scope of Service

  • To exchange the wheelchair seats and


  • To make appointment for the technician to make simple repair job at the clients’ home.
  • To make appointment for the staff to pick up the wheelchair or walking aid for repair at the workshop.
  • To deliver the wheelchair or walking aid to the workshop for immediate repair, if it is a minor job.

Fee charges

The labour cost is based on hour, the materials and replacements are based at cost, transportation fee is also minimal. All fees will be quoted to the client and proceed after receiving confirmation from client.

Jockey Club Rehabilitation Seating Service Centre
Jockey Club Rehabilitation Seating Service Centre

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