Children and Family Support Services

Children and Family Support Services

Early Education and Training Centres

The units provide tailor-made early education and training services to children of developmental delay or specific learning difficulties, aged from 0 to 6 years old. The aim is to increase their learning abilities and at the same time, to provide support and parenting training programmes to their parents. Through these training, the parents can accept, learn more about the needs of their child, increase their participation so as to maximize the effectiveness of the training to the children.

The units will update their learning goals and training content of the child through initial and continuous assessment and evaluation. Based on their development and needs, appropriate individual training, including cognitive learning, occupational therapy, physiotherapy, will be provided to ensure a holistic training plan is set up. This will ensure that the child will have a balanced development in all areas of cognitive, gross motor, speech and communication, fine motor, self care and socialization.

Target Clientele

The units will provide service to children with different special needs and their parents, including premature babies, autism, developmental delay, language delay, specific learning difficulties, physical handicap etc.


Scope of Service
1. Children’s Training

Individual training : To provide the following training according to the individual development and learning needs :

-Cognitive and Learning Training


-Occupational Therapy

-Speech Therapy


Small group training: To plan different kinds of small groups and group children with similar learning needs accordingly. This will not only assist to reach the learning and therapeutic goals, but also allow the children to learn the rules of being part of a group, improve the focus, and enhance their social and communication abilities etc. The nature of the small groups are varied and include :

-Primary 1 adjustment group

-Theory of Mind group

-Social and Communication group

-Pre-mature Baby group

2.Support to Parents

To increase the knowledge of the parents and the acceptance of their child’s learning needs and development through home based training, counseling, parents’ groups, professional consultation etc. To assist the parents to fully grasp appropriate parenting skills and alleviate their misconceptions and stress.

Operating Hours:

Monday to Wednesday, 8:45a.m. to5:30p.m.

Thursday and Friday, 11:15a.m. to 8:15p.m.

(Night service is provided on every Thursday and Friday, so that working parents can participate in the child’s training also. Individual unit will also adjust the opening hours accordingly to the situation. For details please contact corresponding unit.)

Service Fees

According to the policy of the Association

Withdrawal Procedure:

Children over 6 years of age will be discharged from the centre. For the children who under the age of 6 and want to withdraw the service, should give one month’s advance written notice to the centre.

Application Procedure

The social workers or medical social workers will make referrals to the Pre-school Central Referral System of the Social Welfare Department. The Unit, upon receiving the application from the System, will arrange for interview to assess the child and meet the Selection and Review Board. If passed, the application will be processed for formal admission.

Chan Tseng Hsi Early Education and Training Centre
Chan Tseng Hsi Early Education and Training Centre
Tak Tin Early Education and Training Centre
Tak Tin Early Education and Training Centre
Kwai Shing Early Education and Training Centre
Kwai Shing Early Education and Training Centre

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