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SAHK Ambassador

When faced with life’s difficulties, many people will resort to using negative approaches to resolve problems, even contemplating committing suicide. A platform where physically disabled persons can share their life experiences, their perseverance and courage to overcome their handicap, will encourage a lot of people to extend their motivation and courageously face life as it is. This is the rationale behind this programme.

Over the years, our service users have striven hard, and supported by their families and our staff, they are able to overcome their physical handicap to develop their potential, and become outstanding members of the community. Their life experience and struggle brings positive energy and inspiration to the society. Since its inception in 2008, over 100 organisations, including primary and secondary schools. tertiary institutes and other NOGs have benefited from their sharing.

  • To promote and educate about the meaning of life, to assist teenagers and persons with a physical handicap to establish a positive view of life, so as to increase their ability to face adversity.
  • To increase public understanding of disabled persons, so as to dispel discrimination and establish social harmony.
Scope of Service:
  • To organize ambassadors to visit and to share their personal life struggle through talks and interactive games.
  • To organize visits to rehabilitation units e.g. sheltered workshops
  • To organize volunteer service

Contact Us :
Tel:2527 8978
Fax:2866 3727

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