Children and Family Support Services

Children and Family Support Services

SAHK Lim Hong Oun Child Development Centre
Address:6/F., AT Tower, 180 Electric Road, North Point, Hong Kong
Tel:2866 3236 Fax:2866 3550

SAHK Child Development Centre (Lok Fu)
Address:9-17, G/F., Wang Chiu House, Wang Tau Hom Estate, Kowloon
Tel:2336 6491 Fax:2336 6855

SAHK Tam Wing Fan Child Development Centre
Address:Unit No1, Ground Floor, Wing B of Hin Keng Shopping Centre, Hin Keng Estate, 69 Che Kung Miu Road, Shatin, N.T.
Tel:3422 8202 Fax:3422 8685

Sensory Integration Room at Fortress Hill Centre

The theme of the centre was designed base of capital cities all over the globe>

Children pay attention to the teacher's demonstration

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