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Interview with Association’s brass band teacher and students about their performance and achievements

The brass band of the Association’s Jockey Club Elaine Field School has been established for 15 years. Mr. MA Hon Ming , the music teacher of the school brings the students and instruments to join many competitions and performances in Hong Kong. Through the Hong Kong Enharmonica, they have the opportunity to perform with singer Mr. Eason CHAN at the "The Hong Kong Enharmonica 2021 (共融慈善音樂會)”.

Ming Pao, and Citizen News have interviewed their teacher Mr. MA, and musicians Mr. YU Chak Ham and Mr. CHEUNG Tsz Ho. The articles focused on ow the teacher works with their students to overcome the limitations of their physical disabilities and make their way through a more difficult but fruitful musical journey than others. To find out how they built up their confidence through music, click the following articles to read their stories.

Ming Pao:︰
Citizen News:殘疾人士-香港耀能協會-神奇小子-47887/神奇老師孕育無障礙管樂團
The three reports were published on 21 November 2021.





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